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The Golden Plains Area Extension Program is a joint effort of the counties in Colorado's Northeastern Plains.

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Livestock Production

Welcome to the Golden Plains Area, Livestock Production page, your resource for information, research and news for your livestock operation.

Current News Releases

Utilizing Corn Stalks for Cattle Grazing

Down Corn (10/28/2020)

Grazing Corn Stalks (10/28/2020)

Nitrates in Livestock Feeds

Nitrate Testing Only as Good as the Sample (10/6/2020)

Utilizing High-Nitrate Forages (9/18/2020)

Nitrates in Livestock Feeds (7/22/2020)

Drought, Plan Your Response

Mouthing Cows for Culling (9/29/2020)

Drought, Plan Your Response (7/15/2020)

Animal Biosecurity and Disease Concerns in 2020

Animal Biosecurity Guidance for CSU Extension

Infectious Diseases of Importance for Summer of 2020


Livestock Handling and Management with

COVID-19 in Mind

Cattle Processing in an Unusual Year

Spring Processing & Turn Out

Beef Cattle Conception Rates and Feed Supplements

Tips for Achieving Higher A.I. Conception

Feeding Whole Soybeans to Cattle

Drought and Beef Marketing Discussion

Extension specialists, USDA ARS scientists and ranchers from Colorado and Wyoming recently discussed long-term and short-term forecast tools for predicting range land forage production, and beef market outlook during this ongoing 2020 drought. This video discussion features: Annie Overlin – CSU Extension Range Mgmt Specialist, Kevin Jablonski- CSU Range Extension, Justin Derner- USDA-ARS, David Augustine-USDA-ARS, Dannele Peck-USDA-ARS, John Ritten- UW Dept. of Ag and Resource Economics, Associate Professor, Steve Oswald and Kenny Burk- southern CO ranchers.

The planning and measurement tools available to producers presented in this session are helpful to land managers to navigate the current drought environment and plan for future recovery efforts.

Click here to see the video presentation.

Colorado Beef Research Report

Cover of Colorado Beef Research Report

Here is the new Colorado Beef Research Report from CSU. Find out about the highlights of beef research going on it CSU.

Small Flock Sheep Producer’s Resource
Cover of Raising a Small Flock of Sheep

A new resource has been created by CSU Extension. Raising a Small Flock of Sheep is an informative resource whether you are raising 4-H sheep projects or wanting to diversify and add sheep to your operation.

Beef Quality Assurance

Beef Quality Assurance is a nationally coordinated, state implemented program that provides systematic information to U.S. beef producers and beef consumers on how common sense husbandry techniques can be coupled with accepted scientific knowledge to raise cattle under optimum management and environmental conditions.  Click on the logo for information and upcoming programs.

Pork Checkoff Documents

USDA African Swine Fever Documents

GPA Livestock Facebook Page