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The Golden Plains Area Extension Program is a joint effort of the counties in Colorado's Northeastern Plains.

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2020 AHW Lessons

Each Healthier Weigh participant must complete at least 5 lessons, and you have the option of completing 6 for full points for program completion.  There are 10 lessons to choose from, so everyone has choices of topics.   

Lesson 1: Basics of Nutrition and Exercise,     Response Form

Lesson 2: Basal Metabolic Rate & Eating Plan,     Response Form

Lesson 3: Portion Control & Calorie Intake,     Response Form

Lesson 4: Exercise Activity & Intensity,     Response Form

Lesson 5: Hydration and Drink Choices,     Response Form

Lesson 6: Popular Diets,     Response Form

Lesson 7: Importance of Sleep & Breakfast,     Response Form

Lesson 8: Body Image,     Response Form

Lesson 9: Effects of Stress,     Response Form

Lesson 10: Inflammation on Health & Weight,     Response Form


2019 AHW Lessons

Lesson 1:  The Basics

Lesson 2:  Breakfast and Sleep

Lesson 3:  Healthy and Active at Any Age

Lesson 4:  Mindfully Aware

Lesson 5:  Eating the Rainbow

Lesson 6:  Rethink Your Drink

2018 AHW Lessons

Lesson 1:   Overview of Nutrition & Physical Activity

Lesson 2:   Mindful Eating & Portion Control

Lesson 3:   Eating a Balanced Diet: Fiber & Hydration

Lesson 4:   Eating a Balanced Diet: Sugar, Sodium & Fats

Lesson 5:   Building Social Support: Planning Ahead & Eating on the Go

Lesson 6:   Relapse Prevention, Stress Management & Maintaining a Positive Attitude