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The Golden Plains Area Extension Program is a joint effort of the counties in Colorado's Northeastern Plains.

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2022 AHW Lessons

To support participants with researched based nutrition and fitness information, these on-line lessons are provided by Extension during the duration of the challenge. In order to be eligible for prizes at the end of the challenge, ALL participants are required to complete 5 of the online lessons.

Lesson 1:Basics of Nutrition and ExerciseResponse
Lesson 2:BMR and Eating PlanResponse
Lesson 3:Best Exercise for YouResponse
Lesson 4:Eating Healthy to be Nutrient WealthyResponse
Lesson 5:Make your Healthier Weigh SuccessfulResponse
Lesson 6:The Extras - Condiments Dressings & DrinksResponse
Lesson 7:Portion Distortion and Low Stress Meal PlanningResponse
Lesson 8:Gut Health and Water HydrationResponse
Lesson 9:Live More - Stress LessResponse
Lesson 10:Love Your BodyResponse
Lesson 11:Importance of Sleep and BreakfastResponse
Lesson 12:The Wonders of WalkingResponse