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The Golden Plains Area Extension Program is a joint effort of the counties in Colorado's Northeastern Plains.
2022 A Healthier Weigh Guidelines
2022 A Healthier Weigh Team Entry

A Healthier Way Lessons and Responses


The 2022 “A Healthier Weigh” challenge is set to begin in thirteen eastern Colorado counties in early January. There will be a staggered start as each county has setup their own registration and weigh-in date. However, the educational content of the program will be consistent for all counties. The AHW challenge encourages increasing activity, making wise food choices, and living a healthier lifestyle. The annual 12-week Health and Fitness Challenge will take on a theme of Start Your Year Off Right! Over the past 18 months, we have all learned the importance of improving and maintaining our health. This program is designed to help you focus on your health and provide strategies to improve your health.

Teams consist of 4 adults, couples or individuals. County challenge guidelines, entry packets and weigh-in dates are available now. Contact your county CSU Extension Office for more information.

Through increased activity and making wise food choices, participants in previous years have lost an average of 2 to 6 percent of their beginning weight during the 12 weeks and lost up to 10 percent of their beginning waist circumference. Since the program promotes overall health and fitness and not just weight loss, weekly weigh-in is not required. The 2021 challenge had 75 participants complete the challenge and lost a total of 404 pounds and over 137 inches from their waists.

The program is open to adults, 18 years of age and older. The challenge is based on team competition because the team format provides for more accountability and support for participants. However, most counties are allowing for individuals and couples to also participate in the program. The challenge program guidelines and entry forms are available through the CSU Extension offices in Logan, Morgan, Kit Carson, Phillips, Washington, Yuma, and Bent counties, or via their websites.

Adult teams, couples and individuals will begin the 12-week health and fitness challenge with weigh-ins the first and second weeks of January. Participants in the challenge will begin recording their daily activity using pedometers, phone apps or wearable fitness tracking devices. Participants will be encouraged to add more physical activity into their lives through daily and weekly routines, as well as special recreation opportunities. Participants will weigh out the first or second week of April, according to their start date.

Besides earning weekly points for activity, teams earn points for weight loss based on a percentage of the team’s original weight, and percent of inches lost around their waists. Cash prizes are awarded at the conclusion of the challenge in the categories of Physical Activity, Weight Loss, Waists Reduced, and Overall Challenge.

Registration packets are available at the County Extension Offices and are due the week of weigh-in starting January 3rd and continuing into the next week. Specific weigh-in times and locations are available at each County Extension Office. Team registration is $160 or $40 per team member.

To learn more about the 2022 Healthier Weigh Health Challenge, contact:

Bent County Extension and Southeast Area Extension at 719-456-0764 or email or;

Kit Carson County at 719-346-5571 or email;

Logan County at 970-522-3200 or email;

Morgan County at 970-542-3540 or email;

Phillips County at 970-854-3616 or email;

Yuma County at 970-332-4151 or email; and

Washington County at 970-345-2287 or email